Remember, there was hardly a sickness?
East we were, such a different sickness.
Sick from colds, and sick from the flu,
Is all that we ever knew.
So it stands, things will change,
The resistance now, has blown our way.
Antibiotics wont work anymore more,
Not on me and not on the poor.
Can we stop it, for it’s never too late
Endangered we stand at the resistance fate.

It’s important to understand the impact viruses can have on the heath of organisms especially with the high increase of resistance in antibiotics. There is a relationship between the development of new bacteria and viruses and use of antibiotics. This makes for difficult treatment and less effective antibiotics.

Book: Viruses by Howard and Margery Flackman
This book provided a clear learning layout with great headings, glossary, index and contents to help during research. The major facts to know about how viruses work, mutate and the effects they have on us, as humans, as well as a brief description of major deadly viruses such as polio are all covered throughout the chapter. The part that I liked most was “The Ever Changing Virus” section it discusses how the body defends viral infections and outlines dangerous diseases that have no cure such as Lassa Fever, in Africa. Antibiotic resistance is also covered in this section, discussing how bacteria can come to be resistant to antibiotics and the issues that stand to rise due to the resistance. At the back there is a page that recommends books for further reading on the topics covered throughout the book.

This is a government web page that provides good information surrounding the antibiotic resistance problem throughout the medical field. The impact on the health of organisms is reviewed while discussing the main issues that come to play as well as the causes of antibiotic resistance. This is a good website to get background information on antibiotic resistance as it provides many helpful learning points as well as giving resources such as The Canadien Committee of Antibiotic Resistance to contact.

Web: World Health Organization(WHO)
Another great health website that deals with the growing concern of antimicrobial resistance is The World Health Organization. It discusses antibiotic resistance as a “global concern” for many great reasons such as, “it threatens to return (us) to the pre-antibiotic era” and “increases the cost of healthcare.” There are many different facts to be learned from this site in regards to antimicrobial resistance and the great threat it poses on the health of society. The causes of the resistance is very straight forward as well as what the people of WHO are doing to help combat the issue.

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Cellular Biology

Key Point: cell division, mitosis
It’s and important factor to discuss the stages of cell division and mitosis when outlining cellular biology. Mitosis is the way cells reproduce, through mitiosis cells can make copies to grow in population. Bacteria can do this fairly quick. Through constant medical research in this area can potentially provide new medicines to combat infectious bacteria.

Modern Biology by Otto and Towle
This book what particulary good for learning the basics concerning mitosis as it was a recently published book. The stages of mitosis were outlined well as there were clear illustrations and microscopic views of actual cell division. Along with the charts the author gave a very well written explination of each stage close by that was easy to understand. There were plenty of illustrations throughout the Cell Division chapter to help gain knowledge of this section like that of chromosones and fertalization. Theres also a brief explination of meiosis equipped with two illustrations as well, this is important to know when discussing mitosis because they go hand in hand when cells divide. Along with all the educational pros of the book, there were  few extra added perks such as the vocaubulary section which gave definitions to all the questionable words in the chapter and a chapter summary that seemed to help refresh the brain of all the components just discussed.

Site:  The Biology Project- Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial

I really liked the biology project website, it had very clear and helpful organization.  There is well rounded descriptions of mitosis, the cell cycle and DNA.  Each of them contain a crafty illustration which helps put two and two together when undertanding new concepts. I found the animation video of mitiosis found on the site particulary helpful as it shows mitosis in action. The website also contains and online test, to find out how much you know about the cell cycle, which can be useful when studying the subject.

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Hello world!

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